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Standards of progress,
Grade-Point system

The following information should be read in conjunction with the student leave policy & regulations regarding academic leave.


Graduation is conferred when:

  • All student fees are paid

  • Total points for the degree have been earned

  • A grade of B- (57%) or higher is achieved in all courses for the programme

  • The faculty leader confirms completion

Delivery of the degree may be:

  • Digitally via email

  • Listed on the VDX Blockchain

  • Physically provided

  • Awarded at a public ceremony (when approved by the President)

Grade Point System

The GPS provides faculty and students with clarity on how marked assignments, course averages and programme grades are summarised as a percentage, grade and grade point allocation.

Honours awards are calculated only for an entire programme (e.g. Bachelor degree, Masters degree etc.). The following shows the type of honours that may be awarded and the average programme marks (as a percentage) that align with each type of honours.

In the case of tardiness, absence, cutting class, low grades/scores/achievement or unsatisfactory attendance and the student achievement towards a satisfactory grade, a probationary period of four weeks may be instituted (see the policy relating to accommodations and support provided, possible leave options and outcomes) to assist the student to move forward successfully in her/his programme of learning.

Tracking your progress

From time to time, students may wish to check their academic progress regarding an assessment, course or programme. This can be achieved through the learning management system (LMS). Most faculties are using Talent LMS which allows students to review their:

  • current and past marked assessments

  • course average mark as a percentage

  • course average mark as a grade

  • overall programme average mark as a percentage and grade

  • overall grade point average at that point in time

  • draft, unofficial transcript

Once students complete a programme of learning, an electronic version of their graduation certificate is available within four weeks of their faculty confirming the successful completion of their diploma, degree or masters programme.

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